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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is my pace good enough to join?

        Totally! The club is for runners of all running styles and speeds. Everyone is welcome to join us on our daily runs. It does not matter how fast you are, there is almost always some one else who runs about the same as you and it is even easier with our pre-defined courses.

    When and where do you meet?

        We hold practices six days a week! It isn't necessary to attend every practice, we have them that often to allow for flexibility in making sure you can meet the attendance policy by providing ample days to make it to practice. We usually meet at the front entrance to the Student Recreation Center unless otherwise specified. Practices most often start at 5PM so it is best if you can be several minutes early.

    Does the club run year round?

        Yes! We run track events during the Spring semester and cross country races in the Fall semester. For those who stay around campus in the Summer, we offer a 300-mile club where over the course of the Summer semester, you work to achieve 300 total miles of running for prizes.